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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Welcome from the Program Leader

Tremendous progress has been achieved in childhood cancer long term survival since the initial pioneering work of Don Pinkel and Joe Simone.  The cure rate for childhood cancers as a group is approaching 80% *.  The challenge for our Program is to address the causes of mortality in the the remaining 20% of children, with a sense of urgency and accountability, and through multidisciplinary collaboration.  The cornerstone of our program is our institution’s expertise in sarcomas and hematological malignancies.  We will expand the scope of our endeavors strategically over the next 5 years, and community participation and relationships with the pharmaceutical industry will be driving forces in our enterprise.

Charles Keller, MD
Leader, Pediatric Cancer Biology program
Oregon Health & Science University

Please see also our Organizational Structure, and our Five Year Strategic Plan.

* American Cancer Society Facts & Figures 2009
[ below:   Causes of Childhood Cancer Mortality.   adapted from (2004) ]

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