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Thursday, May 10, 2012

(re-posted from the AYA Voice)

In a joint effort with our community partners, Familias en Accion and Oncology Youth Connection, the Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology Program will begin our Cancer Transitions sessions. The program aims to help young adult patients (aged 18-39 at time of session start) with cancer, who are transitioning from active treatment to survivorship. Participants need to have completed treatment in the last two years. Beginning Thursday, May 24, 2012, the six-week program will focus on a new area of survivorship each week, providing information on things like tips for healthy eating, how to keep exercise in a busy schedule, and how to take control of survivorship. We’ll also provide tools for working through the emotional and social hurdles faced during the transition period after treatment, as well as give AYAs a chance to connect with others and learn they are not alone. So if you are a survivor, or you know someone who could benefit from this FREE program, please email Mindy or call 503-494-0446 to get more information or to register. Space is limited.
Adolescents and young adults with cancer have different needs from other patients. The Knight Cancer Institute is proud to offer Oregon's only program designed exclusively for people ages 15-39. Our internationally-recognized, award-winning Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology Program is dedicated to ensuring all AYAs with cancer have access to services tailored to their specific needs.

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